Acoustic manipulation - innovative micro-manipulation technology.

Biomedical Survey


Precisely Manipulate and Pattern Particles

Many techniques have been developed for these purposes, but all have serious limitations. Manual handling is extremely labour intensive and often damages delicate objects to be manipulated, such as cells. Optical tweezers and magnetic manipulation can conduct contactless manipulation, but both are highly material dependent.

Acoustic manipulation solves both of these problems. We have also created a new technique which allows complex manipulation to be conducted on low-cost hardware. 

Acoustic Manipulation Explainer

This video from our team at University of Bristol explains how our technique could be of benefit in many areas including drug discovery, medical assays and micro-manufacturing.

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Our Team

Dr Luke Cox

Technical Lead

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Professor Bruce Drinkwater

Technical Advisor

Professor Anthony Croxford

Technical Advisor

Steve Kitson PhD

Business Advisor

Carolyn Jenkins

Tech Transfer Officer


About Us

The Ultrasonics & NDT Group at the University of Bristol have been developing micro-manipulation techniques using acoustics for over a decade.  Now with advanced techniques we are seeking to move these ideas beyond our lab and into the hands who can really use them to solve today’s big problems.

Acoustic manipulation is a contactless, bio-compatible and highly parallelizable tool for micromanipulation. We are particularly exploring medicine discovery, assays, tissue engineering, micro-manufacturing, and smart materials creation.

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